Rums of the Month: SAINT LUCIA

Every month, we put Rums from a specific country in the spotlight. Here's this month's selection:

Prices are per 2cl unless specified otherwise

Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask


A limited-edition rum from Chairman's Reserve, blended from casks that had been forgotten about after the fire that seriously damaged the distillery in 2007. Having lost a lot of warehouse space, they put the casks wherever they could and finding a parcel of these lost casks they have created this older-than-usual expression. (40% ABV)

Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa


HMS Princessa is made from a blend of rums aged between five and nine years in casks that previously held bourbon. With delicious notes of raisins, vanilla, honey, Caribbean spice, oak and crème brulee, this is a wonderful introduction to the Admiral Rodney range.

Admiral Rodney was a brilliant naval strategist who famously broke the French line at the Battle of the Saints, something which enabled Britain to dominate the Caribbean. HMS Princessa was one of the first ships to engage with the French in this battle. (40% ABV)

Admiral Rodney HMS Royal Oak


A delectable St Lucian rum with notes of raisins, prunes, tropical spice, chocolate and toasty oak. HMS Royal Oak is a blend of rums aged between seven to twelve years in bourbon casks, all of which were crafted in a Coffey still at St Lucia Distillers.

HMS Royal Oak was one of the British ships that, under Admiral Rodney's command, vanquished the French and paved the way to British dominance of the Caribbean. (40% ABV)

Admiral Rodney HMS Formidable


The pinnacle of the Admiral Rodney HMS series, HMS Formidable is a blend of column-distilled rums aged between nine and 12 years in bourbon barrels. It is named after Admiral Rodney’s flagship in the Battle of the Saints – the crucial battle where he broke the French lines and secured Britain’s dominance over the Caribbean. This is a luscious St Lucian rum with waves of honey, vanilla, toasty oak and spice flavours. (40% ABV)

1931 83rd Anniversary


The fourth release of 1931 celebrates the 83rd anniversary of rum production on St Lucia. This a blend of rums aged for between six and 15 years produced in both pot and Coffey stills. (43% ABV)

1931 84th Anniversary


The fifth edition of a series that celebrates the founding of the Dennery distillery on St Lucia - a distillery that would be merged with Roseau in 1972 to create St Lucia Distillers. This edition, complete with shocking pink packaging, is a blend of distillates between 6 and 12 years old. The result is a complex rum with fresh notes of fruit, sweetness and oak spice. (46% ABV)                             

1931 85th Anniversary


The sixth in a very popular series of rums which celebrates the year in which St Lucia's distillery was founded. This edition is a blend of six to 12-year-old rums. (46% ABV)

Flight No1


1cl of Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa, Royal Oak and Formidable

Flight No2


1cl of 1931 83rd, 84th and 85th Anniversary

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