Rums of the Month:

Every month, we put Rums from a specific country in the spotlight. Here's this month's selection:

Prices are per 2cl unless specified otherwise

Plantation Xaymaca


A great 12 year old Demerara rum from El Dorado. This has won gold at the Caribbean Rum Taste Test in London 7 times in the first 10 years! There are nine stills at the distillery, and this is based around coffey still rum, and double wooden pot still rum. (40% ABV)

Worthy Park Select


XM Special 12 year old rum is a brilliant aged Golden Demerara rum from Guyana, bottled by Banks DIH. This is a superbly complex and intense rum, packed with flavour and a long, lingering finish. (40% ABV)

Appleton 12y


Lemon Hart & Son Original 1804 is the classic British-style black rum, cherished by rum drinkers around the world for its bold, rich flavour, full-bodied complexity and exceptionally smooth finish. This brand is considered the holy grail of Guyanese rum since it's very hard to get and is normally not available on the Belgian market (40% ABV)

Vale Royal 2006


The Blackadder Raw Cask Guyana Diamond 14 years old 2003 is a Guyana rum from the Diamond distillery bottled Raw Cask by the independent bottler Blackadder. This release was distilled in May 2003 and matured in a bourbon cask. It was bottled in June 2017 at natural cask strength of 63% ABV, non chill filtered and with no added colour, as a limited single cask release of 274 bottles. (63% ABV)

Watt Rum


This rum was distilled in 2012 in a four column Savalle still, originally from La Bonne Intention distillery. It has aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels.
Since its foundation in 2006, The Nectar, an independent Belgian bottler, has been searching for the best spirits to share with professionals and the general public. (62,6% ABV)



Hampden Pagos


One of the three limited edition El Dorado rums released in 2014. This 21 year old rum was distilled in the Enmore still; a wooden continuous still, and has aged in ex-bourbon barrels.
(56,5% ABV)            

The Nectar Guyana 25y SWR Mark


This rum was distilled in 2012 in a four column Savalle and crafted to the specs of the old Skeldon distillery. The original Skeldon distillery closed down in the 1960s and is one of the most sought after rums in the world. Some bottles even go for +35000 euros. This one has aged for 25 years in ex-bourbon barrels. (47,6% ABV)

Flight No1: An Introduction


1cl of El Dorado 12y, XM 12y, Lemon Hart Original 1804

Flight No2: The Rare Stuff


1cl of Blackadder Raw Cask Guyana Diamond 14y, The Nectar Guyana 10y LBI Mark, The Nectar Guyana 10y AW Mark

Flight No3: SuperDuperPremium Stuff


1cl of El Dorado Enmore 1993 21y EHP Mark, The Nectar Guyana 25y SWR Mark

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