Holiday 2023 Cocktails

The Drinks

All that’s good in life: our own blend of rums, butter & spice.

Trader Vic created this drink in 1944 for Ham & Carrie Gould, a couple visiting from Tahiti.
After their first sip, they cried out: "Mai Tai Roa E!" (meaning: "this is the best!")
And so, a legendary drink was born, becoming the most popular cocktail in the 1950s. Our version uses a special blend of 3 Rums, Dry Curaçao, lime and orgeat.

The Grog was a concoction served to British naval forces in the 18th century. Using the ole’ Punch Rhyme as a base, this cocktail dates back to the early days of legendary bartender Donn Beach, the pioneer of Tiki bartending.

All drinks are vacuum sealed and available in 3 sizes:
5 portions: 50 euro
15 portions: 120 Euro
25 portions: 200 Euro
instructions to make the drinks will be provided
payment can be cash or electronic at pick up
Drinks can be picked up on dec.23 or dec.30